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"Are you ready to let go of that which no longer serves you and which holds you back in your life? 

Call me to begin your journey of healing"                                                                                                            Karen


Do you experience unwanted feelings, emotions, sensations, attitudes, or pains without being aware of the underlying causes of them? Do you experience ongoing symptoms of anxiety or depression? Have you faced the loss of a loved one or friend or suffered from an upsetting incident (divorce, car accident, an assault, etc.,) which continues to cause you ongoing emotional or physical pain?


Maybe you are experiencing more stress than you used to, maybe what helped you manage in the past isn’t working anymore, or maybe it's finally time to deal with a chronic problem you’ve been avoiding.


No matter what the reason, you have taken a very positive first step by clicking onto my website. Making a decision to seek out counselling is not always easy.  Despite efforts within society to reduce the stigma attached to mental health issues, many people continue to experience feelings of shame or embarrassment.

There are also many people who see the need for counselling or any additional type of support as a "sign of weakness" - a sense that "I should be able to fix this or do this on my own."

I am always fascinated by this belief as these same people might readily seek medical help for a broken leg but would rather suffer in silence than to acknowledge they are struggling emotionally.


I would like to encourage you to fight against your own fears as well as the stigma placed on counselling and mental health. Positive mental health can generate incredible change in all areas of your life including your relationships with partners, friends, family or co-workers.

Counselling Can Help!

When you trust yourself…when you can truly embrace who you are…powerful changes will occur.  You will increase your confidence and self-esteem while reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. 


Counselling can provide you with greater perspective and a clearer idea of what is actually causing you emotional pain or difficulty, allowing you to take more effective steps to addressing these concerns.

Counselling can also assist you in identifying ongoing patterns in your thinking, behaviours, attitudes, relationships, etc., which keep you stuck in distressing emotional states.


I offer a safe, neutral and nurturing environment in which to explore all of your concerns. Clients often express a worry about "burdening" their friends or family with their difficulties.  Counselling provides you with a place to do that without the worry.  

My role is to facilitate the positive changes you desire by helping you learn how to explore and release unwanted emotional, psychological or behavioural after-effects of life events such as grief/loss, injuries, illness, trauma, relationship concerns and other painful life experiences.


I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and to support you on a path to self-discovery and self-healing.


Trent and Fleming students welcome!  I have extensive experience working at both Trent University and Fleming College providing psychotherapy for students.

Please be aware that I do not provide family or couples counselling. 


Warmest regards,


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