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Anxiety and Depression


Bring Change 2 Mind


Bounce Back Ontario-CMHA


Mind Beacon (free mental health support re

anxiety/depression – Ontario)


Anxiety Canada


Tim Box - Youtube Channel related to Anxiety


Steven Burns - Mind School to address anxiety and other issues


Free Therapy Worksheets


Meditation/Mindfulness Apps:


Insight Timer




Meditation Oasis



Internal Family Systems


What is Internal Family Systems?


The Power of Self to Heal Our Parts | Richard Schwartz, Soren Gordhamer


Mastering the Art of Inner Transformation - Internal Family Systems with Dick Schwartz


Youtube Hypnosis Channels


Meditation Vacation - Hypnosis Recordings


Unlock Your Life - Youtube 


Michael Sealey-Hypnosis


Progressive Hypnosis- Youtube

Freddy Jacquin - Hypnosis - Youtube


Meridian Tapping


Julie Schiffman Youtube - Meridian Tapping or EFT


Julie Schiffman - Releasing Stress and Tension


Brad Yates - Tapping for Anxiety


The Tapping Solution

Gary Craig - Emotional Freedom - Tapping Website




Scream Free Parenting


The Explosive Child - Ross. W. Greene


How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and How to Listen So Kids Will Talk


Video Review of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen


123 Magic Parenting Resources


Video on 1-2-3 Magic


Kids Are Worth It - Barbara Coloroso

Relationship Building


Dr. Sue Johnson - Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy


Five Love Languages - Quiz and More


If You Had Controlling Parents

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